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The Notre Dame Education Center - Lawrence (NDEC-L) is a nonprofit, community-based organization founded in 1996, dedicated to empowering low-income, under-educated adults in Lawrence, MA to improve their lives and the lives of their families. NDEC-Lawrence is sponsored by the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur.

   PH  978 . 682 . 6441   |   354 Merrimack Street  |  Suite 210   |   Lawrence MA  01843    | FAX  978 . 974 .  9840

Adult Learning Center

Notre Dame Education Center - Lawrence

Thank you all!
In the spring of 2017, NDEC-Lawrence celebrated 20 years of service to the Merrimack Valley.

Friends, family, staff, volunteers, donors

made our 20 year celebration a tremendous success!
Our Video
(produced by Ryan Giggey)

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Enjoy our  photos below!

NDEC Program Manager ~ Juan Belliard, English Teacher ~ Sr. Kathleen Murphy, Prize Winner ~ Mariana Santos, NDEC Ex. Director ~ Sr Eileen Burns


      Welcome to NDEC - Lawrence, MA

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Our students at NDEC - Lawrence hail from many parts of the globe, bringing together a wonderful mix of culture, language, tradition, and aspiration.

Adult literacy and the development of self-esteem provide students with the life skills that support family growth, employment opportunities and community participation.

The students want to better their lives by becoming citizens, getting a drivers license, buying a house, or getting a new job, but they don’t always know where to begin. We show them how to take manageable steps toward creating the life they want in this country.

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Our Mission:

The Notre Dame Education Center-Lawrence (NDEC) is a community of learning where low-income  adults are empowered to improve and enrich their lives and the lives of their families in an environment that is welcoming, respectful and dignified.  Through access to quality direct services, collaboration and advocacy for positive change, NDEC provides goal-oriented education, skills training, language and literacy development, enrichment opportunities and support services.  NDEC assists and supports adult learners to achieve their next steps and reach their full potential as productive, contributing workers in the community and in society.
(Approved by the board 3-6-2017)

Notre Dame Education Center was recently awarded a grant to improve Computer Literacy in all English Language Classes. Using the new laptop computers, students are able to increase their time on task by accessing their Career Ready 101™ accounts or use parts of an Office Suite to improve their language skills. All classes are able to access the laptops during their class time.

Here, students in Elizabeth DeMarco’s Level 2 ESL class are introduced to their new Career Ready 101™ accounts, which can be accessed using any online device. In this class the students practice their log-ins, locating and returning to their most recent lesson, and managing their accounts. Mobile devices have small but important differences in management that students need to learn to minimize frustration and maximize learning! With practice in computer literacy, the students spend more time learning and less time navigating an application.

NDEC-Lawrence has been awarded $100,000 over the course of 5 years from the Cummings Foundation.

This award was made through their

$100K for 100 Program
It will be used to support  English Language Learner Programs at Notre Dame Education Center - Lawrence.

Cummings Foundation!


On 12/12/18, Jonathan Machado and Jessica Colcord, representing Enterprise Bank, drew the winning raffle ticket for the NDEC-Lawrence annual fundraiser.
Students, staff, volunteers and NDEC supporters sold 1,257 raffle tickets surpassing the goal of raising enough money to pay rent and utilities for NDEC-Lawrence for one month.

MVRTA Rep Niorka Mendez demonstrates HOW to RIDE the BUS!

See the slide show here.

March to Support Immigrants
Lawrence, MA

Students in English at Work with teacher, Scott Ness, celebrate completing 18 weeks of class to improve their reading and writing and conversation skills for the workplace.

Annual Appeal - Spring 2018

Our 2018 Spring Appeal Fundraiser begins in mid-March.  The Sisters of Notre Dame began serving the children of Lawrence’s immigrant population in 1853. Recently NDEC-Lawrence celebrated more than 20 years of service to adult learners, supporting multi-generational and extended families in the Merrimack Valley.

Through grants and with support from generous donors like you  we are able to provide  formal language study, informal conversation practice, job training, and tutoring for an exam or citizenship interview. Our classes are in the morning, afternoon and evenings and Saturdays, to be as available as possible for the student with many commitments. With your help our adult learners make the most of their situations, make advancements in the workplace, follow a path to appropriate community resources and continue to maintain a home life that is as stable as it can be. Your generous contributions ensure that our staff and an incredible group of dedicated volunteers give these students what they need to grow and flourish.

Your generosity has allowed us to make real progress:

  • More than 370 individuals have received National Career Readiness Certificates since 2010, improving their employability.
  • Certificates of Completion to Nurse Assistants and Home Health Aides are at 617 since 2009.
  • Improved Levels in Rosetta Stone, a language learning software program, numbered 124 last year.
  • 22 new American citizens since 2012
  • 201 are currently studying English with us which has reduced to 210, our list of those still waiting to enter a class.

One-to-one, small group, whole class, skills training and computer-aided instruction are all possible because supporters like you are so willing to help us.
Won't you please donate today, sending your tax deductible gift though our Network for Good  portal?                  

Or mail  your check to us here at NDEC-Lawrence, 354 Merrimack Street, Ste 210 Lawrence, MA 01843. Thank you for considering our request. We are so grateful for any assistance you can provide.
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20 Years of Service to the Merrimack Valley