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Our students at NDEC - Lawrence hail from many parts of the globe, bringing together a wonderful mix of culture, language, tradition, and aspiration.

Adult literacy and the development of self-esteem provide students with the life skills that support family growth, employment opportunities and community participation.

The students want to better their lives by becoming citizens, getting a drivers license, buying a house, or getting a new job, but they don’t always know where to begin. We show them how to take manageable steps toward creating the life they want in this country.

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Our Mission:

The Notre Dame Education Center-Lawrence (NDEC) is a community of learning where low-income  adults are empowered to improve and enrich their lives and the lives of their families in an environment that is welcoming, respectful and dignified.  Through access to quality direct services, collaboration and advocacy for positive change, NDEC provides goal-oriented education, skills training, language and literacy development, enrichment opportunities and support services.  NDEC assists and supports adult learners to achieve their next steps and reach their full potential as productive, contributing workers in the community and in society.
(Approved by the board 3-6-2017)

Adult Learning Center

Notre Dame Education Center - Lawrence

Sr. Kathleen's class reading the RUMBO NEWS together!

See The Rumbo News,  page 10 for an article about the Thanksgiving Collection project at NDEC-L.

Writing Samples

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Work Samples from English at Work 1

Students in this class brainstormed ideas for  everyday practice of the language skills they gain in class.  Here are some practical answers to the following question:

What are you doing to learn English?

Sometimes I watch cartoons with my niece.
I’m reading storybooks with my son.
When I walk down the street, I try to read the signs or sing in English.
I see TV in English.
I listen to music and watch cartoons.
I read the English Bible in my church.
If I see or listen to any unknown word, I search for the significance in the dictionary.
I speak English in the store with my friends.
I hear and see the news.
I try to learn.
I can improve the quality of my life.
Sometimes I speak English with my sons.
I talked to my daughters.
I speak English at home with my family.
I try to listen to music in English.
I speak English with my friends about food recipes.
When I’m playing Xbox I speak English with friends who are playing Xbox with me.
I try to write in English.
I write messages to Widline, my friend.
When I was in Florida, I only spoke English the whole week with different parents who came to see the baseball players. They told me, “You speak English very well.”
In my church, I speak clearer English when I have to talk.
I am reading a new book with my son and I found a few new words. I am looking in the dictionary to learn their meaning.
I read “Rumbo” in English and Spanish. It is better for learning.
I speak English when I shop at a grocery store.
I’m speaking English to my children and listening to music in English every day. 

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The Notre Dame Education Center - Lawrence (NDEC-L) is a nonprofit, community-based organization founded in 1996, dedicated to empowering low-income, under-educated adults in Lawrence, MA to improve their lives and the lives of their families. NDEC-Lawrence is sponsored by the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur.

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