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   PH  978 . 682 . 6441   |   354 Merrimack Street  |  Suite 210   |   Lawrence MA  01843    | FAX  978 . 974 .  9840

Adult Learning Center

Notre Dame Education Center - Lawrence


Sr. Eileen Burns, SNDdeN,  Executive Director

Juan Belliard,  Program Manager

                        Faculty and Staff

Our Current Staff Members include:

​Sr. Maureen O'Brien, SNDdeN

Afternoon ESOL Teacher

Sr. Pauline Raposo, SNDdeN
Business & Finance Manager

Jeff Roberts

ESOL Teacher & Technology Coordinator

Sylvia Rojas
Data Entry & Reception

Jeannie Severino

Evening ESOL Teacher

Sr. Dianne Shaw SNDdeN
NAP Entry Interviews

Karen Urquart
Evening ESOL Teacher

Yosibel  Valdez
Evening Career Coach

Sr. Kathleen Walsh, SNDDeN
Volunteer Coordinator

Sr. Mary Whalen, SNDdeN
Citizenship Advocate  &

Soft Skills Instructor

Amy White  RN
Nursing Assistant Instructor

Esther Alburquerque
ESOL Teacher

RickaMae Birnbaum

ESOL Teacher

Jessica Bridle
ESOL Teacher

Sr. Judy Cooper, SNDdeN
Citizenship Advocate

Elizabeth DeMarco

BEST+2.0 Examiner

Susan Dowd
ESOL Teacher

Ellie Hendrie

Emilia Hernandez
Career Coach & NAP Coordinator

Mireille Leger
ESOL Teacher

Carla Lynch
ESOL Teacher

Admin. Assistant

Sr. Kathleen Murphy, SNDdeN
Afternoon ESOL Teacher​​

Our staff (both full and part-time) includes: Instructors, Executive Director, Business and Finance Managers,  Citizenship Advocates, Program Manager, Career Counselor, and receptionist.

We currently enjoy the services of many volunteers who serve as tutors, office help and consultants. These volunteers represent a wide variety of backgrounds with many of them retired from the related fields of business and education.

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